I want to access a single value of a mapped struct from another contract. For now, I know how to return all values of the struct by using the following code:

function getUnitById(uint256 _id) public view returns (uint256 id, string name, uint256 attack, uint256 defense, uint256 heal, uint256[] questsCompleted) {
    return unitsContract.tokenToUnit(_id);

but what do I have to do to access only one single value?

return unitsContract.tokenToUnit(_id).questsCompleted;

would make sense in my opinion but that does not work at all.

Did anyone get a working solution?

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I don't think it is possible till solidity version 0.4.24.

You are calling a functionunitsContract.tokenToUnit(_id) whose returun type is tuple.

You are not accessing mapping and therefore it is not possible to get a particular attribute using unitsContract.tokenToUnit(_id).questsCompleted.

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