I am new to solidity and I am playing around with a sample "Factory Contracts" as in this git: https://gist.github.com/carolplay/b547d54f39c7d4d35f9a6aa71a1df1e3

I was able to deploy a Token contract, or deploy a TokenFactory contract. But after calling the createToken method of the deployed TokenFactory, which is supposed to deploy a new Token contract, and I loaded the returned address, the recognized type is TokenFactory instead of Token in Remix.

I wonder if I messed up something or the remix IDE because this example is not that complicated. enter image description here

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You have to select the token contract and the address of the token contract. In the way that you show, Remix believes that what is at address is the TokenFactory, because this is what you selected. Just select Token instead of TokenFactory.

hope this helps.


I've never used the "At address" feature of Remix but I'd assume you have to state the type manually correctly. Your picture displays that you are loading a TokenFactory from the address and not a Token. Try changing the type (just above point 3)?

Anyway, for a beginner I would not recommend playing around with factory models. Start with basic token creations without factories and check out some cool tutorial such as CryptoZombies https://cryptozombies.io/ (I'm not affiliated with them).

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