I would like to know if the mauve paper is still actual or it is better to rely on the sharding FAQ and Proof of stake FAQ or on other sources?


The mauve paper has been deprecated for about 2 years. Yes, refer to the FAQs that you mentioned, with https://notes.ethereum.org/SCIg8AH5SA-O4C1G1LYZHQ# being the latest WIP development for shasper (sharding + casper FFG), plus you can keep an eye on the sharding and casper categories on ethresear.ch or watch these categories to be notified of new posts if you're keen, although I suggest to only do that if you're actively involved in R&D, particularly in implementing or scrutinising/critiquing research ideas. There's also a sharding implementers call, although I didn't join the first one. https://github.com/ethresearch/eth2.0-pm.

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