I'm making a call to the transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) function within the contract through Web3. Here's my code;

var Contract = web3.eth.contract(ContractABI); var ContractHandle = Contract.at(ContractAddress); ContractHandle.transfer(toAddress, tokens, { from: deductGasFromAddress, gasPrice: gasPrice, gasAmount: gasAmount }, function(error, result) { // write something });

I've specified 22 Gwei as the gasPrice, I think that's good enough for a faster transaction. However, it's in pending state for more than 20 hours.

Am I missing something in this regards? Would appreciate any quick help pertaining to this.

  • What is the transaction ID? Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 12:51
  • @RaghavSood, 0x8670fdeb162568048b12e10c20fe188f379094d6b9b91a89b47cd7d5f0e282c8 is the TX hash.
    – Anji P
    Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 12:53

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0x8670fdeb162568048b12e10c20fe188f379094d6b9b91a89b47cd7d5f0e282c8 has a nonce of 6.

Currently, every single transaction from your address is pending, from nonce 0 onwards. Nonce 0 itself has a gas price of 1 gwei, which is a bit lower than the current network average of 3 gwei or so.

Ethereum confirms transactions in order of nonce, so nonce 6 will not confirm until 0 through 5 have confirmed.

You can either wait, or make new transactions for the lower nonces with a higher gas price.

  • Thanks Raghav! That makes sense. I was not sure if the transactions are processed in order of nonce. I will try with a different address that doesn't have any previous transaction in pending state. Will keep you informed.
    – Anji P
    Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 13:06
  • 1
    It worked Raghav! Thank you for your quick help on this.
    – Anji P
    Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 13:22

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