I watched some videos about Metamask but I am so confused by it

Metamask: To use the final application like the end user would.

Based on that, what is the purpose of React then?

What are the differences between Ganache and Metamask?

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Those two products are completely different.

Metamask is a blockchain wallet (account management) that secures a private key and helps you to interact with an Ethereum Blockchain network (like mainnet, testnet, private networks or local).

It's a Browser extension (Chrome/Firefox/Brave) that triggers a popup when a user tries to send a transaction to the blockchain, in this popup, the user needs to accept the transaction (sign the transaction with the private key).

Your dApp is a web application (React or other), rather than interacting with a traditional HTTP API, it interacts with a blockchain that requires client signature (using private key) to send a transaction.

Metamask manages that part of handling securely your private keys, signing transactions and communicating with the network.

Metamask is a tool for dApp users.

Metamask Knowledge Base for more information

Ganache is a tool for developers that allows you to run a private and local blockchain on your machine. It's a very useful tool because a blockchain is a complex peer2p distributed system, so it allows developers to deploy and test locally their development (smart contracts) before going to a public network (mainnet or testnet)

Ganache is a tool for dApp developers.

Ganache documentation

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