I am trying to build a dApp in which the functionalities of the dApp can be accessed by utility token but in the same app I wish to tokenize the securities as well. Can my utility tokens and the tokens which I am creating for secuties exists on the same blockchain?

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After quite some googling it seems that ST-20 is a token standard created by PolyMath which runs on Ethereum.

So, both ST-20 and ERC-20 already run on the same blockchain. They are just different token standards.

  • PolyMath is in talks to launch their own blockchain. Commented Oct 31, 2018 at 21:27

security tokens (ST-20) and utility tokens (ERC-20) exists on same blockchain?

Yes, Both can co-exist and run efficiently on same blockchain, infact St-20 is just an implementation of ERC-20 standards with some overriding methhods and addition of one key method verifyTransfer which was originally missing in ERC-20 standards.

Remember ST 20 is a proprietary contract rule of Polymath.Network.

More about ST 20 implementation on KYA/AML .

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