In the Bitcoin world there are a number of APIs such as:

blockchain.info blockr.io blockcypher.com etc.

which allow a web application to access block and transaction data from the blockchain, as well as send transactions. Are there similar services available for the Ethereum network?


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Yeah there are some, i found

  1. https://www.etherchain.org/apidoc
  2. https://atmospherejs.com/ethereum
  3. http://blockapps.net/apidocs

My understanding is that, we can create a node on our own and access the node with web3.js so that we can reduce latency issues.


https://infura.io/ is another one that provides a regular Ethereum JSON-RPC endpoint as well as an IPFS gateway.


Ethporer provides very cool Ethereum Tokens API.

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Blupee provides an easy way to interact with Ethereum, OmiseGo and ERC20 tokens through a RESTFUL interface.

Today one SDK exists that wraps Blupee, written in Ruby and packaged as a gem.


Cindercloud also offers an API to interact with ethereum smart contracts or perform various other tasks (like listening for smart contract events). It also has a js-sdk.


Nodesmith is a JSON RPC SaaS with blazing speed due to caching. Supports Ethereum Mainnet, Testnets, and sidechains such as AION, POA, xDai.

BlockScout is an opensource Ethereum explorer with JSON and GraphQL APIs. Hosted version supports Ethereum Mainnet, Testnets, Ethereum Classic, RSK, POA, xDai.

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