My environment:
geth 1.8.11
Ethereum Wallet
Mist Browser
windows 10

I try to deploy a new contract in the Ethereum Wallet. I execute (miner.start();) in the Geth JavaScript console to get some ether. Then, to deploy the contract, I start mining again using (miner.start();)

(I'm following this tutorial https://codeburst.io/build-your-first-ethereum-smart-contract-with-solidity-tutorial-94171d6b1c4b).

But when I start mining, the number of ether continues to increment and the number of confirmation do not increment and hence the contract cannot not be deployed


I recommend to use ganache which is a part of truffle framework for developing DAPP, once the code is tested you can think about deploying it on the blockchain network. If you want to deploy smart contract on private ethereum blockchain network then, you can pre-allocate some ethers to a specific account.

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