MyReceiver my = MyReceiver(_to);    // To is an arbitrary address user provided
my.someFunction();                  // Do I need to check for my == null before calling?

Strange enough I do not see anyone doing so.


In solidity there is no such thing as a "null" (at least you can check if the passed address isn't a special one like 0x00)

MyReceiver my = MyReceiver(_to);

this line will store _to address in the variable my and indicates to the compiler that we are dealing with a contract (to construct the calls following the ABI). Its not like OOP objects!!

check it using this snippet code :

MyReceiver  c=MyReceiver(0x1234);
function test() view returns (address) {
 return c;

if you want t check if the contract exists you can use instead


to check if the size of the code at the given address is 0 or not.

  • Thanks Badr, how about the contract does exist, but doesn't has the someFunction() implement? – s k Jul 29 '18 at 10:00
  • this will trigger the fallback function in the called contract. otherwise the call will fail. besides if you find the previous answer helpfull think of accept it ;) we try to minimize bumped questions. – Badr Bellaj Jul 29 '18 at 10:43

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