I used Parity tracer, it return a lot of message with many opCode: CREATE, CALL, CALLCODE, DELEGATECALL, and SUICIDE. It may be 60,70 traces.

But when you see in ropsten or etherscan, it show only 1,2 or 3 internal transactions.


I have a transaction hash: 0xe3c884a2bc63e033ab3110a8bb50156f81e50c72bc329b1471a1aadedeff3850

It has only 1 internal transactions but has 16 traces. So how I can filter traces to find internal transactions exactly? Can you give me a sample code? Thank you!


Currently Etherscan only show operations with non zero Ether transfer, ie it will not show operations that do not involve a transfer of ethers.

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    Just to extend a tiny bit. It's true what this answer says. EtherScan doesn't show every trace. Parity shows every trace (even non-eth-transfers). Thus the difference. – Thomas Jay Rush Jul 30 at 18:22

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