I bought some ethereum a long time ago and I'm trying to buy something with it now. I want to make sure the address I'm sending it to gets a specific amount (say 2.00 ETH). When I enter the "amount to send" on MyEtherWallet, should i enter 2.00? Or is the gas/tx fee (don't really understand all this lol) which is specified below subtracted from that amount and so I should put 2.1 or something? Thanks very much.

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The amount that you specify in MEW when sending ETH IS the amount that the receiver will be credited (you must obviously have the funds in the account you're sending from).

The Gas Fee (paid to the miners) will be added to the amount you are sending. Its typically a small amount, only a few cents, which you can predetermine by using a website like https://ethgasstation.info/.


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