I am trying to use web3js to send tokens via a simple web interface. From what I can see this requires using a "raw transaction" and sendSignedTransaction() function. In the example in the documentation this includes a Buffer for the pivate key (as seen here ).

I have also seen examples on stackexchange and github of users using the same Buffer.

I cannot find any mention in the documentation or in examples online about what this actually is and why it is needed, nor how to import it or set up using it in my project.

I'd really appreciate any help in explaining what this is, or if there is another way to send tokens using web3js. Thank you.

  • Buffer is a standard Node type that stores an array of bytes (nodejs.org/api/buffer.html). Your question is a little vague so I don't know if that can help you. – Ismael Jul 28 '18 at 3:11

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