I'm currently in the process of deploying a ERC20 token with my symbol being CLC, and wondering if it's possible to change the value of the token based on the current date?

Basically splitting the value between phases?

1st August to the 20th August = 1CLC = $0.50
20th August to the 9th September = 1CLC = $0.75
9th September to the 6th October = 1CLC = $1.00

Would something like this be possible within a contract?

  • A way to modify value is to burn, and you could go about burning to provide deflation. Jul 23 '18 at 18:58

The block.timestamp variable in Solidity provides access to the timestamp of the current block in the blockchain (though note that miners can fudge this number by a bit). Using that value, your contract can calculate any logic it desires to adjust the pricing before/after certain date milestones.

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