I have followed this answer.

So, you just need to add the --rpcapi "eth,net,web3,debug" command line option.

The way I run my geth:

geth --datadir /home/user/POA/private --rpcaddr --rpc --rpcport
8545 --rpccorsdomain="*" --networkid 32224 --rpcapi eth,net,web3,personal,debug
--port 3000

But on remix or remix-alpha when I try to debug the function call I have face with the following error: The method debug_traceTransaction does not exist/is not available.

enter image description here

[Q] How could I fix this error? What might be the reason of this?

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I think you need to open txpool rpc api.

Can you add --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal,txpool,miner"?

It can help.

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