I get this when trying to recover the address using eth-sig-util as described here. The code is very simple and this is all it contains:

var sigUtil = require('eth-sig-util')

var recovered = sigUtil.recoverTypedSignature({
  data: JSON.parse('[{"type":"string","name":"Order Type","value":"sell"},{"type":"string","name":"Token Symbol","value":"FDR"},{"type":"string","name":"Amount","value":"10"},{"type":"string","name":"Rate","value":"0.001"},{"type":"string","name":"Expires In","value":"2"}]'),
  sig: '0xdeletedsomechars1944340987bb77f08d1383f791f097f4f6ddceead4dc77f28bac053c0cbd6465dc3844de12aea36f9d8e67db6f80f92ef0f4027ee6f08ef6feefe63a1c'
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    OK, just downgraded eth-sig-util from 2.0.1=>1.4.2 and it works.... – shaharsol Jul 20 '18 at 13:57
  • I get the same result. Works in 1.4.2, does not work in 2.0.2 – howrad Aug 15 '18 at 8:21

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