I am building a DAPP based on drizzle box. I am struggling to find out how can i get the web3 instance without initiating a new one I want to end up with something like :



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As described here : https://github.com/trufflesuite/drizzle-react/issues/22

This can be done via:


In order to make this work, you have to pass the context variable to the constructor:

constructor(props, context) {

and make shure you added drizzle to your context-types:

ExampleComponent.contextTypes = {
  drizzle: PropTypes.object

If you have the drizzle object available, you just find it at drizzle.web3

If you use drizzle context or drizzle-react. drizzle is just an object that you can access directly. Make sure drizzle is in sync and not undefined. For example

if(drizzle !== undefinde) console.log(drizzle.web3)

and there it is.

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