I'm trying to make a function that uses unix timestamp for setting a limited time and after the limited time is over I would like to make clients get their token by themselves Does anyone have any idea or help? Thanks!

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Here's a small example on how it could work:

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

contract TimedTokenVault {
    uint256 startTime;

    function setStartTime(uint256 _startTime) public {
        // add access restrictions and/or make sure this can be called only once

        startTime = _startTime;

    // Clients can call this after the startTime
    function requestToken() public {
        require(startTime > now, "Sorry, token requests is not open yet");

        // transfer token(s)

The example is missing a lot of required code but you should get the idea. After checking the startTime in requestToken you can probably use regular token transfer method to transfer the tokens.

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