I'm having an issue where Solidity Locals doesn't show all the local variables of the function I'm debugging.

In the real code represented by the test code below only _theirId, _myId and myScore show in the locals panel.

In fact whatever I try in terms of variable declaration order only 3 local variables ever show up.

Anyone else having similar issues?

function test(uint _theirId, uint _myId ) external onlyOwnerOf(_testId) {

int myScore;

int theirScore;

TestStruct storage myStruct = tests[_myId];

TestStruct storage theirStruct = tests[_theirId];

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Ok so I figured out what the issues was.

It seems the onlyOwnerOf(_testId) modifier was preventing the debugger from displaying all the local variables from the function.

As a workaround I temporarily removed this to debug.

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