I'm trying to send my FDZ token to my Exchange wallet, but no luck. I tried to increase the GAS, change the target address, process in an other time... But everything were failed, still paid all gas price ($0.3 to $1.4$) but the token could not be sent. Could you please take a look at my transaction history and let me know if you see what's wrong with it: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5b1fb9f9d548789b3622ec8d74cf27f0d2380d23



Looking at the code, the tokens are fully released for your wallet on "1551398400" which translates to UTC: Friday, 1 March 2019 00:00:00

However looking at the canTransferIfLocked() method we can find out that if we subtract the values returned by

balanceOf()      -> 17633630000000000000000
getMinimumAmount -> 11129668284211733749468
result           ->  6503961715788267021000

We end up with the amount of tokens you can transfer today.

 which translates to about 6503 of your 17633

The getMinimumAmount method is labeled quite badly and actually returns the number of tokens which are currently locked to your wallet ( not transferrable before the release date passes ).

If you want to make sure you CAN send the tokens to an address just use the Read Contract tab on etherscan and input your wallet address and the value in the canTransferIfLocked field.

If it returns true, then the transaction should be successful.


Off-topic: In the future you should read the release schedule attached to an ico you participate in.. or get someone to check the code before you throw eth at it.


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