How to test with Mocha and Chai that a call at the kill() function of a Smart Contract (i.e., which does the selfdestruct) has gone right?

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    you can emit an event an check it in the test or call a function after selfdestruct and check for exception – Badr Bellaj Jul 13 '18 at 8:25
  • I tried to catch the exception with github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-solidity/blob/master/test/…, but when I try to call a function (after the kill function) i got 'Error: Attempting to run transaction which calls a contract function, but recipient address 0x345ca3e014aaf5dca488057592ee47305d9b3e10 is not a contract address' – Bruce Wayne Jul 13 '18 at 9:03
  • as the contract is destructed you can no more call its functions hence the exception – Badr Bellaj Jul 13 '18 at 10:13

You can confirm that the bytecode has been zeroed out. Use the web3.eth.getCode(yourContractAddress) explained here.

  • before selfdestruct, you get the proper code, like 0x6040...
  • after selfdestruct, you get 0x

Of course, as mentioned by Ignacio and Badr, you can, and should, also test that the side actions have been executed correctly:

  • the expected event was emitted
  • the correct recipient received the balance

You can check if the funds of the contract have been sent to the given address.


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