I'm facing some issue with test cases, I wrote some simple function in my smart contract as following:

function Create ( 
    bytes32 _a,
    address _b,
    string _c,
    address[] _d,
    uint256[] _e,

) public pure returns(bool){
    return true;

And here is the test case:

describe("Unit Test For Create Method", () => {
    it("first test case", async () => {
        const estimateGas = await Instance.Create.estimateGas(a, b, c, d, e);

while running test case, it's giving an error Error: VM Exception while processing transaction: out of gas

If I remove any single parameter, it starts working.. so, I assume there is an issue with number of arguments..any help?

Edit: I have defined variable globally:

contract('Unit Test for smart contract', function(){
        b = web3.eth.accounts[1],
        c = "fileHash",
        d = ['s1','s2'],
        e = [0,1,2],

        // test case here

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After digging deeply, I found the exact cause of that error.

I was passing 36 bytes to the _a variable, wheres actual _a defined with bytes32 datatype.

In order to solve this issue, modified id to 32 bytes.


use web3 js:

id = web3.sha3("XVXIJLO-9XNQ-ZQWF-OLAF-E14L09FHZALQ");

Hope this will help to others!

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