I just have a simple solidity contract:

pragma solidity ^0.4.19;

contract SampleContract {
    string value;

    function SampleContract() public {
        value = "hello world";

    function getValue() public view returns (string){
        return value;

    function setValue(string str) public {
        value = str;

I am attempting to interact it with web3j. For now I have already deployed successfully and get the address.
I am trying to call method getValue() by codes:

static String call(String from, String contractAddress, String callData) throws Exception {
        Call call = new Call(from, contractAddress, callData);
        return service.ethCall(call, DefaultBlockParameter.valueOf("latest")).send().getValue();

String callData = encodeGetValueFuncWithParams();
String result = call(from, contractAddress, callData);

I indeed get the result but in hex. The result I get is


I converted this vaue and it is "hello world" but how can I directly get the value as string "hello world" instead of "0xxxxxxxx". The way I create my calldata is shown below:

static String encodeGetValueFuncWithParams(){
    Function function = new Function(
            Arrays.asList(new TypeReference<DynamicBytes>(){})
    String encodedFunc = FunctionEncoder.encode(function);
    return  encodedFunc;

My question is:
How do I construct my calldata so that I can directly get string value instead of hex value from contract.

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See https://docs.web3j.io/transactions.html#querying-the-state-of-a-smart-contract. I think you need to call FunctionReturnDecoder.decode(). (You'll need to have available the list of output parameter types, so you'll need to restructure your code a bit.)

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