i'm trying to truffle a project but each time it shows me this message, whereas, i'm sure i installed the truffle successfully.

vagrant@ubuntu-xenial:~/quorum-examples$ cd project
vagrant@ubuntu-xenial:~/quorum-examples/project$ truffle init
truffle: command not found

my ubuntu machine version is 16.04

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you should install truffle globally to avoid problems with: npm install -g truffle. If you want to install it locally you should specify the truffle root using: ./node_modules/.bin/truffle init
or add the path to ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc


qourum-examples is a plain vanilla ubuntu vm. Anything thats missing, including node, npm, truffle and co should be installed first.


Truffle should be installed locally and not in the virtual machine.

Following the tutorial on truffle's site will explain you a lot of things and get you going.

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