I tried to send locked EOS to Etherdelta, and the transaction been pending for almost 4 days now.

MEW can't find the transaction so I'm unable to cancel it nor do anything else even with higher gas price.

sometimes the transaction disappears from etherscan but then start again after few minutes.

here is that bad boy

If there's anyone that can assist, I will be forever grateful

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You should be able to resend the exact same transaction (same data, same nonce [530], ...) with higher gas price and overwrite/cancel the existing one.

According to EthGasStation, the current average gas price is 80 gwei (I know it's high!!!) and it should confirm a transaction in 30 seconds max.

EthGasStation Transaction GasPrice/Confirmation time Calculator

  • Gas Limit: 250000
  • Gas Price: 80gwei

% of last 200 blocks accepting this gas price 90.1041666667

Transactions At or Above in Current Txpool 155

Mean Time to Confirm (Blocks) 2

Mean Time to Confirm (Seconds) 31

Transaction fee (ETH) 0.02

Transaction fee (Fiat) $9.2

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