I have this source code

pragma solidity ^0.4.21;

// Relevant part of the CaptureTheEther contract.
contract CaptureTheEther {
    mapping (address => bytes32) public nicknameOf;

    function setNickname(bytes32 nickname) public {
        nicknameOf[msg.sender] = nickname;

// Challenge contract. You don't need to do anything with this; it just verifies
// that you set a nickname for yourself.
contract NicknameChallenge {
    CaptureTheEther cte = CaptureTheEther(msg.sender);
    address player;

    // Your address gets passed in as a constructor parameter.
    function NicknameChallenge(address _player) public {
        player = _player;

    // Check that the first character is not null.
    function isComplete() public view returns (bool) {
        return cte.nicknameOf(player)[0] != 0;

So is it possible to call setNickname(bytes32 nickname) with MetaMask using the Transaction Data field?

Further, if I have set the nickname - how can I call receive my nickname from mapping (address => bytes32) public nicknameOf; with MetaMask using the Transaction Data field?

  • I would highly recommend using Remix. I don't think MetaMask gives you any way to manually enter the data field, and you'd still want some tool to help figure out the right data to send.
    – user19510
    Jun 29 '18 at 3:37

So is it possible to call setNickname(bytes32 nickname) with MetaMask using the Transaction Data field?

You can do so by calling the function through its identifier and providing the according data.

Example: I want to call your function setNickname(bytes32 nickname) and set the name to "Teddy".

  1. I insert the code into Remix IDE and deploy it in the JS EVM.
  2. I convert Teddy to bytes, which is 5465646479
  3. I call the function with "0x5465646479"
  4. I check the details of the transaction: input
  5. ...and then click on the copy icon next to the input field.

This is the encoded data to paste into the datafield in metamask when wishing to execute a contract function on a transaction.

Hint: You can find out here how to generate this input data with a script yourself ! :)


MetaMask does not allow you to interact with smart contracts simply because smart contract functions/methods can be customised and varies from one contract to the other.

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