I have a Flask webapp, that, when called, returns the following JSON:


I need to construct an Oraclize query, so that it returns the Id string, and the 6 elements of the struct array.

when querrying json(http://QUERY_LINK).["id", "struct"] I am getting a string, since that's what I have specified in the callback function.

A callback function then needs to assign the values to global vars:

 function __callback(bytes32 myId, string result) {
        if (msg.sender != oraclize_cbAddress()) revert();

        id = RESULT_STRINGID

        one = RESULT_STRUCT_1
        two = RESULT_STRUCT_2
        three = RESULT_STRUCT_3
        four = RESULT_STRUCT_4
        five = RESULT_STRUCT_5
        six = RESULT_STRUCT_6

Can't figure out how to make this work. What would be the best way?

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