I'm trying to subscribe to a smart contract event from my java app using web3j.

I deployed my contract to truffle, here it is:

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

contract MyContract {

  string message;
  event MyEvent(address contractAddress, string message);

  constructor() public {
    message = "I'm ready!";

  function setGreetings(string _message) public {
    message = _message;

  function getGreetings() public view returns (string) {
    return message;

  function triggetEvent() public {
    MyEvent(address(this), message);


In my java app I'm subscribing to this event:

web3 = Web3j.build(new HttpService("http://localhost:9545/"));
Web3ClientVersion web3ClientVersion = web3.web3ClientVersion().send();
MyContract myContract = MyContract.load(CONTRACT_ADDRESS, web3, credentials, GAS_PRICE, GAS_LIMIT);
EthFilter filter = new EthFilter(DefaultBlockParameterName.EARLIEST, DefaultBlockParameterName.LATEST, myContract.getContractAddress());
String encodedEventSignature = EventEncoder.encode(MyContract.MYEVENT_EVENT);
log.info("subscribing to event with filter");
web3.ethLogObservable(filter).subscribe(eventString -> log.info("event string={}", eventString.toString()));

Where MyContract.MYEVENT_EVENT looks like this:

public static final Event MYEVENT_EVENT = new Event("MyEvent", 
            Arrays.<TypeReference<?>>asList(new TypeReference<Address>() {}, new TypeReference<Utf8String>() {}));

Now I'm calling the triggetEvent() method from truffle console, the method runs but my java app prints nothing. What am I missing here?


This one solved it: https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/a/41606/37689

EthFilter filter = new EthFilter(DefaultBlockParameterName.EARLIEST, DefaultBlockParameterName.LATEST, greetingsContract.getContractAddress().substring(2));

Notice the .substring(2)

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