I was looking to develop an application using ÐΞVp2p Wire Protocol and I'm having trouble finding an example or tutorial. I was able to find only ÐΞVp2p Wire Protocol's wiki.

[Q] Does anybody has a working example or tutorial such as sending Hello World message between a receiver and sender for ÐΞVp2p Wire Protocol that works with the recent version of geth or Web3.js/Web3.py?

  • It's not in any of the three places you requested, but trinity/py-evm has a working p2p implementation. – carver Jun 21 '18 at 23:15

I found all these articles from the same author very useful:

  1. Ethereum from scratch - Part 1: Ping

  2. Ethereum from scratch - Part 2: Pinging a Bootnode

  3. Ethereum from scratch - Part 3: Decoding Bootnode Response

You've mentioned a wiki page from this page, but I'll leave it here as it has a comprehensive explanation of Ethereum's ÐΞV Technologies.

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    The links you shared uses py-eth. I want a solution using geth or web3. @Daveldito – alper Jun 22 '18 at 7:23

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