I am doing a test ICO on rinkeby testnet and the structure I am planning will be:

  1. Deployed Token contract
  2. Deployed ICO contract
  3. ICO contract is the owner of the Token contract
  4. I am the owner of the ICO contract
  5. When the test user will send ether to ICO contract, ICO contract will trigger a function and send the test investor tokens from the Token contract.

The problem I am facing is that I don't know how to make the TOKEN contract the owner of the totalSupply tokens. What should the exact line of code be?

balance[X] = totalSupply; where X is deployed contract address? What should i write instead of X to make deployed contract the owner of all tokens?

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If your token is ERC20 (i assume?) and i correctly understood the question, then you can just mint it similar as described here


You could do it in your deployment I guess by deploying the ICO contract first, then passing the address in to your token contract as the owner address? (presuming you're using truffle)...

let Token = artifacts.require("./YourToken.sol");
let ICO = artifacts.require("./YourIco.sol");

module.exports = function (deployer)  {
    // Deploy the ICO First, and then we can use that address later:
    deployer.deploy(ICO).then(function() {
        return deployer.deploy(Token,ICO.address);

Then as mentioned above run something like this as your constructor:

constructor (address _tokenOwner) public {
   _tokenOwner = totalSupply;

That might do it - I'm doing something similar the other way around.

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