I know that the latest Solidity supports error messages in require/revert (require(stuff, "problem")).

Are there any clients that can get this message? Will I be able to see it if I execute the transaction in Parity, or Truffle, or Remix? Will it be visible on Etherscan?

EDIT: a similar question has been asked before (Custom error message in require() not showing up?). That one was about web3 not displaying the message. I know web3 doesn't support it yet, my question was about which other clients (Parity, Remix, or, maybe, just plain RPC) support it, so I believe it's not a duplicate.


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Remix supports it.

in a code i am working on for require(stuff..,"player doesn't exist"); i get in the console the message:

Reason provided by the contract "player doesn't exist"

enter image description here

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    Do you know of any way to do this with golang and not using remix?
    – hextet
    Jul 20, 2018 at 9:58

The latest Truffle supports it, plus we can get and decode the transaction trace using the Parity's replay transaction feature.

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