My goal is to send a message from one ethereum node to another one. In order to accomplish it, I have followed this answer that uses Whisper Protocol.

In summary approach I followed from the linked answer above:

On the receiver node:

> var kId = web3.shh.newKeyPair();
> web3.shh.newMessageFilter(
    function(err, res) {console.log(JSON.stringify(res))});
> web3.shh.getPublicKey(kId) //returns PUBLIC_KEY_OF_THE_RECEIVER

On the sender node:

  ttl: 7,
  topic: '0x07678231',
  powTarget: 2.01,
  powTime: 2,
  payload: web3.fromAscii("Hello there!")

But I obtain following message on my receiver node and I do not see Hello there! string.


I guess payload contains the sent string. "payload":"0x48656c6c6f20746865726521".

[Q] Is there any way to decode this message to obtain the original sent message?

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res.payload stores the sender's sent message. We need to convert type of res.payload: from ascii into Utf8.

On the receiver node I have make following changes and I can see the sender's original message:

var kId = web3.shh.newKeyPair();
    function(err, res) {console.log(web3.toUtf8(res.payload)) 
    //function(err, res) {console.log(web3.toUtf8(res.payload) + ‘,’ + JSON.stringify(res) )}); //You can also combine it with complete res string.

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