So basically what I am trying to do is to send Transactions that were signed by an account that was generated by ethereumjs-wallet so my node don't keep UTC file and therefore I don't have an issue if someone stealing accounts UTC file. But my contract doesn't execute if there is no UTC file, on a node, for an address that signed my transaction.

This is part of a code that I used for sending Tx.

utils.askForInput('Owner address: ')
  .then((ownerAddr) => {
    Tx.ownerAddr = ownerAddr;
    return utils.askForInput('New wallet address: ');
  }).then(async (newAddr) => {
    const data = await utils.prepareData('addWallet', newAddr);
    const nonce = await utils.getAccountNonce(Tx.ownerAddr);

    console.log('Data: ' + data);
    console.log('Nonce: ' + nonce);

    return utils.askForInput('Signed Transaction: ');
  }).then(async (signedTx) => {
    await utils.sendRawTransaction(signedTx);

  }).catch((err) => {


Possible solution

I can just create UTC file and call contract and after I am done with everything I can just delete UTC file. But I think it is a hack. My Q is why this is the case and is it necessary to solve it like this.

Just to point out my code works, if UTC file is created for that account.

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I found out that I need to have some ethers on the created address so that address can execute a transaction with gas price 0. So I need to fill the account with ethers before sending raw transaction.

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