Where can I find the list of doxygen tags that are allowed for contracts?

This documentation states:

Additionally, there is another type of comment called a natspec comment, for which the documentation is not yet written. They are written with a triple slash (///) or a double asterisk block(/** ... */) and they should be used directly above function declarations or statements. You can use Doxygen-style tags inside these comments to document functions, annotate conditions for formal verification, and provide a confirmation text which is shown to users when they attempt to invoke a function.

then I tried some tags but got errors like this:

DocstringParsingError: Doc tag @tag not valid for contracts.
DocstringParsingError: Doc tag @section not valid for contracts.
DocstringParsingError: Doc tag @version not valid for contracts.

Before manually trying some more - is there a list somewhere that lists all allowed doxygen tags?

  • You tried something with solidity ? Apparently they refer to doxygen documentation / doxygen style tags / commands but havn't implemented all of them. So not a doxygen problem (the doxygen documentation you can find through www.doxygen.org). You probably need a list of available solidity tags.
    – albert
    Commented Jun 18, 2018 at 15:51
  • Yes - was no doxygen problem and I really needed the list of solidity tags.
    – ligi
    Commented Jun 18, 2018 at 16:16

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There is Ethereum Natural Specification Format that has most information on the topic.

At the moment, these are (copy-paste-format):

  • @title - A title that should describe the contract
  • @author - The name of the author of the contract
  • @notice - Explain to a user what a function does
  • @dev - Explain to a developer any extra details
  • @param - Documents a function parameter
  • @return - Documents the return type of a function

But do take a look at the link, it's got much more - including scope that I had to edit out above.


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