I think I must be going blind or something because I can not find the Constructor Arguments for this smart contract 0x3a2F46b0B0c187B152Db0c658b27E693f0A273a1

I have tried a number of options but always fails the https://etherscan.io/verifyContract?a=0x3a2f46b0b0c187b152db0c658b27e693f0a273a1

Any help would be appreciated :)


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The code is using .16 version (which was last launched in Aug'17) and the code has been updated 5 days ago. The deployed code at 0x3a2f46b0b0c187b152db0c658b27e693f0a273a1 and the github code is not matching while verifying.

The constructor is BunzolaToken function, however it's not asking for any arguments.


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