I have an escrow contract where party A is sending some token to party B and right now held in escrow. I want to use the timer function in smart contract so that the token will be held for a certain period of time. After that time, the token will be reverted back to originator account, that is party A.

I am adding the escrow in an ERC20 smart contract so I can call it inside the smart contract.

How can I create a holding frame of 30 days in smart contract and after 30 days the token will be reverted back?

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You can, for instance, have the function that creates the escrow to save the date of expiration

function createEscrow(...){
    expirationDate = now + 30 days;
    // more code for your escrow

The to finalize the escrow you add in your function

function endEscrow(...){
    require(expirationDate < now);
    // more code for your escrow finalization

If you want this to be executed automatically you can use services like ETH-Tempus, that schedule execution of contracts and is available on Rinkeby for free.

Disclaimer: I wrote the code for ETH-Tempus

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