I am new to Ethereum block-chain.One question in my mind. I connect geth node to test network with "--fast and --cache=2048" parameters.So my node is sync is after 8 hours.And I successfully deploy smart contract on test network(rinkeby). But one question in my mind.

  1. How does my node sync with the highest block number??
  2. What is the format the time is displayed when I request for the sync status in Geth??

It might be a silly question but here i want to understand this concept more deeply.

Please help to clear my above query.


  • Hi Ismael my quesstion mean.I want to know how block number in which ethers transfer for transcation.How to sync with ethereum block-chain. Commented Jun 17, 2018 at 13:21

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With regards to how your node is syncing, It's done using the DEVp2p protocol. A brief is given here

Currently, when a user submits a transaction that transaction is then sent to all their peers, which in turn send it to all their peers, etc. Within seconds every active full node in the Ethereum network should have the transaction hash at the very least. Miners receive this transaction, check for validity and other things (like orphaned transactions), then bundle it together with a bunch of other transactions they received into a block.

For time, this is taken from the yellow paper According to the Yellow Paper

4.3 timestamp: A scalar value equal to the reasonable output of Unix's time() at this block's inception; formally Hs

4.4 Hs is the timestamp of block H and must fulfill the relation: Hs > P(H)

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