Ethereum maintains an Transaction Trie and a Receipts Trie and I'm trying to visualize how that data would be contained in a relational database.

I believe both Tries would have a primary key of transaction_hash, and I don't believe there is any other data duplicated between Tries nor any other unique identifier in either to use as a PK or FK between a transactions table and receipts table.

All that is to say, in a relational database would both Tries just live in a single table?

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It's hard to relate Merkel Patricia Tree with relational Database. In Go Ethereum Merkel Patricia tree uses level db which is the key-value pair database. Block header contains receipt root and transaction root, which can be used to lookup actual node of the tree from level db.

To answer your question, I don't think both tries have same key i.e. transaction_hash. It's simply not possible, level db can't store two entries with the same key.

Keys are calculated by this formula -

key/root = sha3(rlp_encode(node)), where node is also key, value pair.

I strongly recommend you to read about Merkel Patricia tree for here and here

enter image description here

  • Well I mean, the method to identify a given receipt belongs to a given transaction must be representable in some fashion as a "unique key", assuming transations+receipts are really 1-to-1
    – xref
    Jun 15, 2018 at 22:20

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