I've the following contract function:

/*Solidity Code, inside my contract*/
function isGranted(address _user, address _content) view external returns (bool) {
    return (grantedAccess[_user][_content]);

That works on Remix IDE without any problem.

Then I wrote a Web3JS frontend

this.catalog = (this.web3.eth.contract(this.props.catalog.abi)).at(this.props.catalog.address);
            this.web3.eth.defaultAccount, //Parameter1
            this.state.address, //Parameter2
        (err, res) => { //Callback
                this.setState(this.setState({userHasRightAccess: res}));
            } else {

But the execution returns Error: Invalid number of arguments to Solidity function. I tried to add the other optional parameter to Web3js function but the error remains. Any idea/solution?

(I don't use Truffle or any more framework. Web3JS version is "0.19.0")

Edit: I've update the library to 0.20.6 version


The problem was that an argument was undefined. I'll added a check and now works


I would suggest checking that both parameters:
this.web3.eth.defaultAccount, //Parameter1 this.state.address, //Parameter2 actually have values at the point that you pass them into this.catalog.isGranted.

You can do this by just calling console.log with them just before you enter the web3 function - I've seen this issue when one of the parameters is undefined.

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