I am trying to find the transaction count of an address using ethGetTransactionCount method but it's returning 0 value. What the issue over here. I'm using infura mainnet and web3j in maven

/Find the current transaction count/
EthGetTransactionCount txnCount = web3j.ethGetTransactionCount("0xa9e4E3b1DA2462752AeA980698c335E70E9AB26C"
BigInteger nonce = txnCount.getTransactionCount();
System.out.println("Transaction Count "+ nonce);
  • 1. getting 0 tx count is totally legitimate count 2. Since you do have some tx in there, I think your code is constructed correctly
    – rstormsf
    Commented Jun 8, 2018 at 8:25

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From https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/JSON-RPC#eth_gettransactioncount:

Returns the number of transactions sent from an address.

The address 0xa9e4E3b1DA2462752AeA980698c335E70E9AB26C has sent 0 transactions, so the correct result is, in fact, 0.

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