According to readthedocs.io:

"Division on integer literals used to truncate in earlier versions, but it will now convert into a rational number, i.e. 5 / 2 is not equal to 2, but to 2.5".

Yet, when I try simple math problems like this on Remix, they are truncated.
So, "5 / 2" still equals 2, and I have to use "%" or "remainder = _dividend - (quotient * _divisor)" to produce the remainder separately.

I believe I am using the latest compiler version "0.4.24". So is the information from readthedocs just wrong? Or does it means something else?


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I believe what that note is saying is that this function:

function test() public pure returns (uint256) {
    return (5 / 2) * 10;

used to return 20 but now returns 25.

There are no fixed-point/floating-point numbers in Solidity, so you can't return a number like 2.5, but you can use one up until the point where you try to store it in an integer.

  • Ah yes, it is 2; typo. I edited it. Jun 8, 2018 at 3:21

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