Crypto Kitties offers a marketplace where you can buy kitties. The functionality is handeled by a contract called SaleClockAuction. This contract inherits from ClockAuctionBase where all auctions are stored in a mapping mapping (uint256 => Auction) tokenIdToAuction; The only way to get an auction seems to be the function getAuction(uint256 _tokenId).

If I want a list of all auctions would mean I had to iterate over all kitties and call getAuction(uint256 _tokenId) for each kitty to check if an auction exists.

Question is: Is this really the way to do it or am I missing something here?


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You should fetch all the AuctionCreated events (it's in ClockAuctionBase.sol which SaleClockAuction indirectly inherits from) which are created when auctions are created.

  • OK so I have fetch all AuctionCreated event and all AuctionClosed to get a list of all running auctions. I'm wondering if this couldn't cause performance issues with an increasing number of auctions and using a client like Metamask to access the blockchain. Crypto kitties offers a api function on their webserver to fetch all running auctions. So maybe they are caching this information on their server.
    – MarcS82
    Commented Jun 5, 2018 at 10:16

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