System information:

Geth version: Geth/1.8.11-unstable
OS & Version: WINDOWS10

I modified the main net Genesis config parameters in DefaultGenesisBlock in genesis.go,
and I replaced the MainnetBootnodes parameters with one line: enode://a4574b52d5ebc4414f1a55e656f66ca5647d891d5989e2bc3660141ec2c3fbed2dcd9bd50fc050915e3b8b96527f3fd9a8dfbcbdc9de3255fb948148ccd67603@

for learning Purpose.

Run geth.exe on and
The geth.exe on 2.52 can not connect to that on 2.210.
They are the same version that I build it. Cmd is "geth.exe console" with no other paras.
I've tried to use admin.addPeer() in geth and also failed.

  listening: true,
  peerCount: 0,
  version: "1",
  getListening: function(callback),
  getPeerCount: function(callback),
  getVersion: function(callback)
  • You don't get to modify the source code, you can just use --bootnodes flag.
    – rustyx
    Jun 3, 2018 at 14:31

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I assume you used admin.addPeer("").

To connect with other peers you need NodeUrl.

Try this, go to first node cmd


gives you the enode url. Copy it and in the next peer node cmd use admin.addPeer(NodeUrl)

  • Yes, I tried to use admin.addPeer. But, still no peers: ( 6a606....57fb is my another pc with IP, and it is running a geth.exe ) > admin.addPeer("enode://6a606a7a6a81e2a48b8f00b3b24fcd0a6732f3b1ca7f86eb51087c24e7578cebb9638d7340a08534a2f396a9587a881f8ab31bfb86139abeeff [email protected]:30303") true > net { listening: true, peerCount: 0, version: "1", .... } > admin { datadir: "E:\\geth\\data", ...., peers: [], addPeer: function(), .... } >
    – clinton
    Jun 5, 2018 at 3:33

I solved it by myself. It is due to the dao fork. The extradata validation does not pass cause the peers can't connect to each others.

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