I have a node js process that creates a web3 websocket connection, like so:

web3 = new Web3('ws://localhost:7545')

When the process completes, it does not exit, but rather hangs forever with no console output.

Taking at look at what handles the process has outstanding with process._getActiveRequests() and process._getActiveHandles(), I see this:

Socket {
    connecting: false,
    _hadError: false,
     TCP {
       reading: true,
       owner: [Circular],
       onread: [Function: onread],
       onconnection: null,
       writeQueueSize: 0 },
    _peername: { address: '', family: 'IPv4', port: 7545 },

Looks like web3 is holding a socket open, which makes sense since I never told it to close the connection. Looking through the documentation and googling, it doesn't look like there's a close or end method for the web3 object.

Manually closing the socket allows the process to successfully exit:


Anyone have a more elegant or officially sanctioned solution? It feels funny to me that you have to manually do this rather than have the object destroy itself on process end.

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