How can I manipulate strings in Vyper? In solidity I could use Nick Johnson's string library. He's using assembly to do that. But that's not possible with Vyper as far as I know.

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As of Vyper 0.1.0b8, fixed-size strings are supported as string[N] where N is the maximum size of the string, like this:

foo: string[100]

def __init__(_foo: string[100]):
    self.foo = _foo

def get() -> string[100]:
    return self.foo

def set(_val: string[100]):
    self.foo = _val

Keep pounding the refresh button at this link to keep up-to-date with new Vyper releases: https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/vyper/latest/vyper.pdf

In ^those docs you'll also find a list of relevant built-in functions (len(), concat(), etc.).

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