I get this when trying to deploy to parity -

Writing artifacts to ./build/contracts

Invalid JSON RPC response: "Provided Host header is not whitelisted.\n"

I am new to using truffle with parity here is my truffle.js file -

module.exports = {
  networks: {
    development: {
      host: "",
      port: 8540,
      network_id: "*", // Match any network id
      gas: 4712388

What could be the cause?

Here is my parity node -

nohup parity --config node0.toml --tracing=on --fat-db=on --pruning=archive  &

chain = "demo-spec.json"
base_path = "/home/satoshimaca/blockchain/parity0"
port = 30300
port = 8540
apis = ["web3", "eth", "net", "personal", "parity", "parity_set", "traces", "rpc", "parity_accounts"]
port = 8180
port = 8450
password = ["node.pwds"]
engine_signer = "0x00bd138abd70e2f00903268f3db08f2d25677c9e"
reseal_on_txs = "none"
  • by default, rpc host address would be, which you can change with --rpcaddr, OR you can change truffle.js file and put host: ""
    – kherwa
    May 30 '18 at 12:13
  • I changed that already but then it just was hanging, that sounds like a mining issue but I am using PoA so I would not expect any mining. May 30 '18 at 12:19

Parity runs on localhost, change the host in your truffle configuration file to localhost instead of and try again.

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