I created HelloWorld Smart contract using truffle. Then I complied and migrated, artificats are generated without any issues. Then I was able to query HelloWorld.deployed() in truffle console.

Now I have assigned it to a variable.

truffle(development)> var helloWorld = HelloWorld.deployed()

Problem started after executing the below command and I am unable to proceed. **

truffle(development)> helloWorld.balance.call()
TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined


Looking for your comments to solve and proceed further. Thanks for your help.

HelloWorld Smart Contract: naga@naga-VirtualBox:~/ethereum/contracts$ cat HelloWorld.sol

pragma solidity ^0.4.4;

contract HelloWorld {
uint public balance;

function HelloWorld() {
    // constructor

Regards, Naga

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HelloWorld.deployed() does not give you your smart contract instance.

You can use helloWorld=HelloWorld.at(HelloWorld.address) or HelloWorld.deployed().then(instance => helloWorld=instance)


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