I'm trying to write something like ICO projects do and I got this problem when it comes to withdraw the ether in the contract's balance to my wallet.

function withdrawal () public payable 
    address bank = 0x...... ;
    address myAddress = this;
    require(myAddress.balance >= 1000000000000000);


When the contract has ether in it, nothing happens. It doesn't even try to send it. So I'm wondering what I am doing wrong, or if there is a better way to do it. Thanks in advance guys, appreciate every answer.

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I suspec that your contract doesn't actually have a valid balance and/or require(myAddress.balance >= 1000000000000000); is your problem. You should change this to require(address(this).balance >= 1000000000000000) That being said this is incredibly inefficient code and can be better written as

contract ICO {
    address public bank = ......;

    function withdrawal() public {
        require(address(this).balance >= 1000000000000000);


Also make sure the address declare as bank isn't a contract, and if it is, that it has a payable fallback function, otherwise this will also fail


Due to the way your code written I suspect you are quite new to solidity, and don't yet understand all the gotchas, intricacies, and tricks that come to writting solidity smart contracts. I would recommend trying simpler contracts first, and become better affiliated with the language before attempting to write ICO contracts.




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