I have impemented custom Ethereum node and I've been trying to ping bootnodes, but sometime in the past three months they stopped responding to me. The specific bootnode I've been trying to ping is

enode://979b7fa28feeb35a4741660a16076f1943202cb72b6af70d327f053e248bab9ba81760f39d0701ef1d[email protected]:30303

The format of the ping is

(Ping version:3 
    Me:(EndPoint IP: TCP:30303 UDP:30303) 
    Them:(EndPoint IP: TCP:30303 UDP: 30303) 
    Expiration: 1527312518.72)

When RLP encoded this is

['\x03', ['4\x04\x14\xb7', 'v_', 'v_'], ['\x05\x01S\xe2', 'v_', 'v_'], '[\x08\xf0\x86']

I can send this type of ping to other nodes and I get responses, specifically pongs, as expected. However, when I send this message to the bootnodes, I get back nothing. Has there been a recent change to the P2P protocol? If so, what was it? It doesn't seem to be documented in any places I would expect.

Are bootnodes running v5 of the discovery protocol without any documentation??


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