I'm writing a chat app on top of Whisper; the app is supposed to manage the lifecycle of the Ethereum node.

One way to build to is to use wnode in the background & communicate with it using stdout/stdin programmatically. However, I prefer to use the web3.shh API so I need an Ethereum/Whisper client that provides the RPC interface beside Whisper stuff.

geth seems to fit. However, it seems to, by default, start blockchain stuff & other stuff while I only need it for Whisper. So:

1- How to start geth such that it provides absolutely zero blockchain stuff & only whisper stuff (+rpc)?

2- How to get it to be a bootstrap node for whisper & retrieve its enode url?

3- How to configure it to use other bootstrap nodes? Is the --bootnodes flag used for whisper?

Basically, I want to be able to do what's in the example here but using geth, with no unnecessary overhead:

> wnode -standalone -forwarder -ip=
my public key: 0x040ef7acd60781c336c52056b3782f7eae45be2063e591ac6b78472dc27ba770010bde445ffd2f3623ad656f3859e00d11ef518df4916c4d4e258c60b15f34c682 enode://15454fc65bbf0031155f4eee83fa732f1454c314e9f78ade9cba4d4a098d29edbf5431764ee65b200169025c3f900cacc3348a000dda7a8a0d9643d0b7618712@
Bootstrap Whisper node started

... Then, in another tab:

> wnode -test -boot=enode://15454fc65bbf0031155f4eee83fa732f1454c314e9f78ade9cba4d4a098d29edbf5431764ee65b200169025c3f900cacc3348a000dda7a8a0d9643d0b7618712@
Whisper node started
Connected to peer.
  • You can start geth --light and add --nodiscover tag, in this case you will have minimal client useful for ssh transporting. – Baracuda May 9 at 19:23

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