I have a local network in which I start each node with both the --metrics flag and the debug api enabled. So I can attach a console and retrieve the metrics by running, for instance

geth attach --exec "debug.metrics(false)"

and it works like a charm.

In the documentation it is stated, that one can use geth monitor to have a real-time view of the metrics graphics. Therefore I tried to follow the documentation with this command:

geth monitor --attach "system/memory/allocs"

But I get unfortunately incomprehensible results as proved by this screenshot: enter image description here

I think that this is probably due to the encoding used by the graphics. Therefore I tried with the majority of the encoding provided by my shell (KDE Konsole) but the result, remain always incomprehensible. (The Picture show the result with UTF-8).

Do one of you had the same problem, which is the right encoding to show the graph as in the documentation?

Additional Info:

geth version 1.8.8-stable

go version go1.10.2

os Linux 4.9

shell kde-konsole

UPDATE I did try with Ubuntu and it works fine. Is it possible that I miss some packages?

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